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Karnataka SSLC Exam Syllabus

Preparation Tips for Board Exams and Karnataka SSLC Exam syllabus. Looking for tips on how to prepare for Karnataka SSLC Exam 2018 and Karnataka SSLC syllabus, your search ends here. Go to the post and find out the Karnataka SSLC syllabus 2018 and best way to prepare for the exams.

Tips to prepare for Karnataka SSLC Exams 2018. The students appearing in Karnataka SSLC Exam 2018, can check their syllabus for the 2016-17 session down here. The syllabus for 10th-grade board exams consists of Mathematics and Science. We are going to list out various topics that are covered in the Karnataka SSLC Exam 2018.


The syllabus for Mathematics consists of Trigonometry, Quadratic Equations, Coordinate Geometry, Real Numbers, Permutations and Combinations, Menstruation, Polynomials, Graphs and Polyhedra, Statistics, Probability, Similar Triangles, Pythagoras Theorem, Progressions, Sets, Surds, Circle-Chord Properties, Circle-Tangent Properties and Factorization.

Science consists of three subjects that feature Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

The syllabus of Physics has various topics consisting Alternate Sources of Energy, Types of Motion, Heat Engines, Nuclear Energy, Sound, Electromagnetic Induction, Electronics, and Space Science.

The syllabus of Chemistry consists of Periodic Classification of Elements, Silicon, Industrial Inorganic Chemistry, Carbon and Its Compounds, Industrial Organic Chemistry, Metals, Behavior of Gases and Ionic Conduction.

The Syllabus of Biology consists Environmental Issues, Green Plants and Chordates, Plant and Animal Tissues, Microbial Diseases, Plant and Animal Breeding, Control and Coordination in Plants and Animals, Heredity and The Story of Humans.

Currently, Board Exams are going on. Lots of students appear in the 10th SSLC board exams each year. This time of year can be seen as the toughest time if you are studying in 10th grade. There are lots of pressures on them. Sometimes students tend to take much more pressure than they need or should have. Many students look for an easy and good way to prepare for their exams. Board exams play a very important part in anyone’s life. Many of them keep searching here and there or get in touch with some seniors for help. So, we are going to give tips for preparing for the board exams.

We are going to give the best way to prepare for board exams. The students appearing in board exams can go through the posts and follow the tips, which will prove very helpful to them in the examination. If you follow all the suggestion given down below, we are sure that you’ll score good marks in the Karnataka SSLC exams.

Folks, if you are going to appear in Matriculation exams and have no idea how to prepare for them, you are at the right place. Every student goes to the school, where they study whole year that covers the entire syllabus. Teachers will teach you thoroughly, but until and unless you study them by yourself, you are not going to break some record in the board exam 2018. Self-study is very important, as the teacher teaches everyone the same thing, but some students go on to top the class, then some of them find it difficult to even pass the exam.

In our opinion, following a particular rule plays a very important part in board exams. Self-study is basic for scoring in any exams whether it is board exams or competitive exams. No one can score big in any exams just by going to school daily, the student needs to follow the proper way of how to prepare for the board exam. If you have a proper idea on how to prepare for the board exams you’ll score big in the exams. Check out few tips to improve your performance on the board exams 2018.

Best way to prepare for the Board Exam

Karnataka education board takes the SSLC exam in the month of March/ April, so this year is also not going to be any different. This means that the board will conduct the SSLC exams 2018 in the month of March or April. The student should keep “how to prepare for the board exams” with them so that they can score very good marks in the exams conducted by all the boards. The marks obtained in the high school are very important going forward. If you want to get admission for higher education, as better marks you get better college you’ll get in the future. A lot is riding on the 10th exams, no matter what future you have planned for yourself. Go to the post and check out best way to prepare for board exams 2018

Have clear view of your syllabus

The syllabus is very important for any examination, as it gives students a clear picture of how many chapter or topics they need to study. If you have a clear idea of your syllabus, you will have a clear idea of what type of question you are going to get on the board exams. Keep present in the class and keep track of whatever is taught in the class, as the class lesson is your introduction to the topics. After finishing up the class, students are advised to go through all the things you have learned in the class. If you get stuck with something, don’t hesitate to clarify with your teacher next day. If you do so, you’ll have a better picture of all the topics.

Previous Year Question Papers

Students appearing in SSC and HSC are advised to get the question paper of previous year board exams. You should get the question bank that consists last five year or last ten-year questions. Solve all the problems in the question bank, if you are unable to solve a particular question, you should consult with your teacher or parents based on your comfort. Solving previous year question paper is very important.

Time Management

Time is a very precious thing. Managing time is very important especially in the exams; same things apply for board exams. When you start writing the exams, don’t waste your time thinking or remembering answers to the question you don’t know. Simply just answer the question, which you are very sure about. Always keep track of your time during the exams.

Time Table

You should prepare a timetable for the board exams, as it keeps you updated. Exam Timetable is one of the most important parts when it comes to preparing for the board exams.

Keep Track of your weakness

Keeping track of your weakness is not a bad thing. You should never worry telling someone about your weak areas. The students appearing in the Karnataka SSLC exams 2018 are advised to find your weak areas. Study those topics very hard. As we are aware that you want to score maximum marks in the board exams and looking for how to prepare for the board exams, study all the relevant topics.

Solve Model Paper

Students appearing in the SSC and HSC board exams should try to solve the model papers. You should solve the model papers of your board, as it helps you study for all the main topics that are going to be asked in the exam. You should solve the question paper by typically writing their answers, as it will also give you good practice for writing. In the exam, you’ll have to write a lot.

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